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To be the global leader in providing superior plastic net-based solutions to our customers while identifying new development opportunities through innovation  

Conwed thrives on helping customers overcome their product development challenges and collaborates closely from concept to commercialization. We are the partner of choice since we believe our success is determined by our ability to make our customers' businesses succeed.  


Conwed cares about how we succeed  


We choose to do business and interact with our stakeholders following strict ethical practices. Integrity, conviction, care and respect are an intrinsic part of who we are as an organization. Although the destination is important, we care about how we get there. Our long history of collaboration with customers, partners and employees demonstrates our commitment to be a truthful, reliable and honest company.  


Our team is passionate about solving our customers' product development challenges. We specialize in manufacturing customized netting components that provide essential functionalities in hundreds of industrial and consumer products. Therefore, our team is accustomed to work on unusual, untested, out-of-the-box concepts and collaborates extensively with customers to find truly unique solutions for their product development projects.  


Everyone in our organization makes immediate impact to our business. Whether it is in the extrusion or orientation line, the testing and R&D lab, the management, accounting or marketing team, we value everyone's diverse talents and recognize exceptional performance is driven by teamwork.  


Conwed operates responsibly in every location and across the industries we serve. We understand that our efforts to maintain our business practices with integrity and respect impact our long-term relationships with employees, suppliers, partners and customers. Our sustainability program is focused on reducing, recycling and reusing materials and inputs to manufacture product more efficiently with less waste.

About Conwed

We manufacture the leading plastic netting portfolio in the world and help customers solve product development challenges.


If we can't do it today, we'll engineer it for you tomorrow.

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