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Conwed Plastic Netting 101

We don't assume you know it all. Learn our netting lingo and how Conwed netting is manufactured.

Learning about our netting portfolio, how it is manufactured and its potential applications in other production processes can trigger ideas for potential innovation. What one industry may see as a reinforcement netting, another would use it as a separation element. The functionality lies in the eyes of the product developer and our ability to deliver the expected performance. We put our netting world at your service.


Conwed netting configurations

Conwed netting characteristics

How to use Conwed netting in production processes

For detailed product information or questions about a custom product development project, please contact our team.

About Conwed

We manufacture the leading plastic netting portfolio in the world and help customers solve product development challenges.


If we can't do it today, we'll engineer it for you tomorrow.

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