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Our sustainability program is focused on reducing, recycling and reusing materials and inputs.

We understand our customers' interest in finding sustainable solutions for their product development projects. Conwed strives on manufacturing sustainable product alternatives by examining our operations and implementing ongoing programs to make our business more efficient. Our improved efficiency helps support our customers' own sustainability efforts.



Through our broad experience in manufacturing netting components, we have developed exceptional expertise to manufacture products more efficiently with less waste. We continue to make progress in reducing our green house emissions, water consumption and resin waste.

Our focus on developing lighter weight products while maintaining desired performance and tensile strength has helped our customers meet product specifications with less plastic material. Netting products are constantly redesigned to minimize waste and our internal sustainability team is dedicated to implementing best practices at all Conwed locations worldwide.


Sustainability_Brochure_2016.jpgOur production facilities have incorporated closed-loop systems to minimize use and disposal of processed water. Ongoing water usage audits, preventive maintenance, and identification of further improvement opportunities are designed to drive down water consumption in all of our plants.

We have focused on reusing as much resin waste internally as practical. Additionally, we have found recycling outlets for waste that had previously been sent to landfills. Conwed has also invested in equipment and separation processes to facilitate the recycling of these materials. To learn more about our sustainability program, please read our Conwed Global Sustainability Report 2016.



Our engineering and R&D teams work closely with our customers to develop sustainable features in a wide array of products. Conwed can reduce, recycle and reuse plastic material in a large number of plastic netting configurations. We have a long history of success developing customized netting components that use less plastic material, are configured with recycled resins or have degradable features in their chemical composition.

If you have a product development project with special sustainability targets, please contact our team.


REBOUND® elastomeric


Through ongoing innovation, Conwed reduced elastomeric netting weight from 27 pmsf to 9 pmsf, creating a lightweight, yet strong stretch engine for hygiene applications.


PROSTRAN® synthetic


Conwed offers recycled resin content alternatives without affecting UV resistance and overall performance in erosion control applications.



Compostable netting


Conwed helped develop a compostable yard waste bag that is 90% lighter than ordinary Kraft paper bags.  We add value by providing converted bags to our customer.