If products need separation, containment or channeling capabilities, our portfolio delivers key benefits every time.

Extruded diamond netting is a favorite configuration in cross-flowing applications due to its unique volume and height characteristics.  Our extruded diamond  netting is manufactured through a single-step continuous extrusion process that yields a plastic material with integral joints. 

The main difference between square and diamond netting is that in diamond netting opposite strands lie one on top of the other, providing that differential space gap when compared to square netting.  For example, in filtration applications, diamond netting is used for drainage and spacing, allowing consistent flow characteristics for proper turbulence to clean membrane media surfaces.

Due to its superior separation and channeling properties, applications using diamond netting configuration require a high level of performance testing.  Our team of engineers has a long list of success stories  supporting customers with strict performance requirements.  We are able to customize mesh sizes, thickness, weight, tensile strength, color, chemical formulations and more. We understand that every project is different and we tailor our netting technology accordingly. 

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It is a an extruded netting with a diamond shape configuration.

Extruded Diamond Netting Conwed




Our diamond netting portfolio can be found in hundreds of products in a wide range of industries. From air, liquid and reverse osmosis filtration, to resin infusion, building & construction and transportation products, extruded diamond netting provides superior protection, separation, channeling and support capabilities.

Conwed can modify mesh sizes, weight, tensile strength, joints, height, resins, colors, additives and more to achieve superior performance in our customers’ products.

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