Products needing flexibility, extensibility, breathability, recovery and fitting capabilities rely on Conwed elastomeric netting for superior performance.

Conwed manufactures and commercializes Rebound® elastomeric netting which serves as an ideal stretch engine material for a wide range of product applications.  It is an ideal alternative to other stretch materials such as films, spandex and stretchable nonwovens.  From adult incontinence underwear and training pants to therapeutic wraps, bandages and wipes, Rebound® plays an essential role in their performance.  

Rebound® is extruded plastic netting made with specialty polymeric materials that provide stretchability in one or both directions of the web.  Our engineering team can tailor all netting variables to deliver precise product performance and breathability. 

Manufacturers, converters, and laminators can produce composites with film, foam, paper, membrane, nonwoven, tissue and other fabrics used in various industrial and consumer applications.  These composites can provide customized drapeability, flexibility, elasticity and recovery based on the versatility of our elastomeric netting.  For more detailed information about how to incorporate Conwed netting with other substrates, visit our Plastic Netting 101 section. 


Compared to other stretchable materials, such as spandex, films and stretchable nonwovens, our elastomeric netting can be designed with stretchability features in one or both directions of the web.

Rebound® with bi-directional elasticity

Rebound® with uni-directional elasticity

Learn about our success storiesmarketscapabilities and core products and be introduced to our manufacturing processes in our Plastic Netting 101 section.  Visit our resins & additives page for a summary of the materials we can use to manufacture our netting portfolio.

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Our Rebound® portfolio offers versatile configurations that we adapt to each product development project.  As a competitive alternative to other stretchable materials such as spandex, films and stretchable nonwovens,  Rebound® elastomeric netting offers superior hysteresis. This  means it is highly stretchable and has excellent recovery with less energy loss, improved stress relaxation and set properties. 

In addition to stretch engine applications in training pants, adult incontinence underwear, therapeutic wraps, bandages, wipes and wound care products, Conwed has seen increased interest in Rebound® from developers of automotive, furniture and bedding products.