Conwed is able to customize the netting joints to deliver the required product specifications.

Extruded flat netting is an alternative to level the joints where opposite strands collide.  From building and construction products to sophisticated medical and hygiene applications, flat joints may be a performance or a perception requirement.  For example, we manufacture fence products with regular or flat joints. The flat joints allow for a smoother surface and may prevent injury during shipping, handling and installation of fence products at the job site.

In other instances, having flat joints is a way to protect and safeguard delicate objects or materials that may get damaged when they come in contact with slight plastic protuberances. Furthermore, certain types of composite applications may need a smooth surface to facilitate lamination or bonding to other substrates.  Whether we manufacture plastic netting with flat joints from the start or we flat the joints on a secondary process, we are able to customize our netting portfolio to meet your strict product specifications.

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It is extruded and oriented square netting configuration with flat joints and uniform thickness.





Conwed extruded flat netting can be found in: 

  • Snow and construction fence
  • Reinforcement of diverse composites
  • Protection and containment of delicate materials and components
  • Case and shelf liners
  • Filtration applications
  • Wipes and other cleaning products

Please contact our team if you have questions about our extruded flat netting portfolio or any product development project.