Extruded square netting is the most common configuration used in a large number of industrial and consumer applications.

Our extruded square netting is manufactured through a single-step continuous extrusion process that yields a plastic material with integral joints.  Our resins and formulations vary depending on the final product application and the performance requirements set by our customers.

Conwed can modify a great variety of chemical properties and physical characteristics to find the most suitable netting design for each product development project.  We rarely end up with an off-the-shelf solution; thus, we encourage you to contact our team of engineers and business development professionals to assess the most appropriate netting configuration for your project.

Conwed extruded square netting can be found in many markets and applications.  From automotive and parts protection to filtration and building & construction products, our extruded square netting provides superior performance.  The sky is the limit when our R&D team helps our customers develop the right netting configuration.

For detailed product specifications of our extruded square netting portfolio or questions about a product development project, please contact our team.


It is a standard netting configuration that can be oriented after extrusion.





Our core competency is to adapt our netting portfolio to match our customers’ performance requirements.  Therefore, we rarely end up with and off-the-shelf solution. Conwed can modify mesh sizes, weight, tensile strength, joints, height, resins, colors, additives  and more to achieve superior performance in our customers’ products. 

Our extruded square netting can be found in hundreds of products in a wide range of industries. From automotive and building & construction products, to  filtration, packaging and transportation applications, our square netting portfolio provides essential functionalities time after time.

Please contact our team if you have questions about our square netting portfolio or any product development project.