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We value your interest in our netting portfolio and can help you find the closest Conwed distributor.

Conwed is focused on business development opportunities and we rely on our dependable network of distributors to serve small to medium scale business orders and end consumers. Our reliable network of distributors covers a wide range of markets and applications. From agriculture, building & construction to gardening, packaging and home applications, Conwed netting provides superior functionality and performance to hundreds of industrial and consumer products.

Our customers are usually OEMs, manufacturers, converters and business development companies that assemble finished products for diverse industries.

Learn about our success stories, markets, capabilities and core products and be introduced to our manufacturing processes in our Plastic Netting 101 section.

If you have general questions about our products, technology or would like to find the closest Conwed distributor to purchase our netting components, please contact our team.

We're down to earth

and we love it

We thrive on solving product development challenges for our customers.

Plastic Netting 101


We don't assume you know it all. Learn our netting lingo and how netting is manufactured.


From Christmas tree and hay bale netting to crop protection and turf applications, we help your farm operations thrive.


Conwed helps manufacturers, OEMs and converters drive automotive innovation.

Building +

Our netting components may hide behind the scenes but they provide essential functionalities and performance.


Our netting components provide innovative solutions to create unique value-added products.


Our plastic netting portfolio provides containment, protection, separation, and channeling functionalities to the energy industry.


Our netting components provide flexible containment and protection functionalities that keep erosion in check.


We deliver pure protection, separation, support and channeling functionalities in every shape and size.


Conwed netting may be unseen but it is an essential component in products we use in our homes every day.


From adult incontinence briefs and underwear to baby training pants and diapers, Conwed netting provides exceptional stretch and breathability performance.


We help our customers improve on nature from the ground up.


Our netting components help improve the health and well-being of people around the globe.


Conwed wraps up all of your packaging needs.

Reverse Osmosis

We manufacture Feed Spacers for RO spiral wound elements used around the world.


Conwed netting safeguards valuable merchandise and components during shipping and handling.


Our netting helps manufacturers create exceptional wipes for industrial and consumer applications.