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Every project entails different challenges. We can help you develop your next product innovation.

Conwed has a long successful history of working with engineers and R&D professionals.  Our team applies scientific knowledge along with market insights and consumers’ perceptions to every product development project.

Whether it is specific netting functionalities, aesthetics or performance, Conwed netting is a versatile component for infinite product applications.  Engineers and R&D professionals find in Conwed the partner of choice because we understand the importance of exploring, analyzing and testing components and materials during the product development process.   We work closely with our customers and tailor our products to meet performance requirements and uncover potential innovation through ongoing testing and experimentation.

Conwed netting can reinforce, support, contain, stretch, bond, and improve your products.  It can be used in composite form with nonwoven, foam, paper, film, tissue and other fabrics.

Learn about our success stories, markets, capabilities and core products and be introduced to our manufacturing processes in our Plastic Netting 101 section.

Our R&D and engineering teams are ready to push the limits of our netting technology  to help develop your next product innovation.  If you would like to share a project with us,  please contact our team.

Plastic Netting 101


We don't assume you know it all. Learn our netting lingo and how netting is manufactured.

Success Stories