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Whether you are an OEM, manufacturer or converter, Conwed is the partner of choice to help you overcome product development challenges.

Conwed has a long successful history of partnering with manufacturers, converters and OEMs to help them improve their existing products or develop their next product innovations.

From improving processing speeds in your own operations  to facilitating bonding of your materials, Conwed netting can be tailored to help your manufacturing processes work better and faster.   Some of our customers have incorporated netting to their own production processes and have seen improvements in their manufacturing.   Also, our netting components are often used as a bonding agent by manufacturers and converters to create a wide range of composites for diverse industries. 

Whether you use our netting to improve your production process, create value-added composites or re-engineer products, Conwed understands the importance of testing and experimenting different alternatives until the best netting solution is identified.

Our engineering and R&D teams thrive on exploring unusual, untested, out-of-the-box concepts and we have an open mindset in developing new and unexplored applications. We are eager to help you solve any product development challenge and uncover potential innovation together.

Learn about our success storiesmarketscapabilities and core products and be introduced to our manufacturing processes in our Plastic Netting 101 section.

If you have a product development challenge and wonder how Conwed netting can help you solve it, please contact our team.

Success Stories

Plastic Netting 101


We don't assume you know it all. Learn our netting lingo and how netting is manufactured.

Our innovation events help professionals from diverse industries discover the value our netting components bring to hundreds of products.  We can help you create truly unique products.