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Conwed knows how to help you translate technical and performance features into benefits and value for your customers.

When we meet with our customers to help them develop superior technical and performance features for their netting components, we make sure we understand the users of their products and the language they speak. 

Our team has a long successful history helping marketing, sales and business development professionals translate technical and product performance advantages into valuable benefits for their customers.  We attempt to identify how improvements or variations of our customers’ products may impact users’ satisfaction.

For example, Conwed manufactures the leading elastomeric netting worldwide.  Among many other applications, it can be used as the stretch engine component in waistband composites for adult incontinence underwear and baby training pants.  Our technical team focuses on providing tailored hysteresis, stretch and recovery with precise force and elongation metrics. 

Nevertheless, what does this mean to the user? How would a user of adult incontinence underwear benefit from using a product with Conwed netting versus one with spandex, films or stretchable nonwovens?  

In this particular application, our elastomeric netting creates lightweight composites with superior breathability and hysteresis. Superior breathability makes the underwear more comfortable to use as it helps reduce moisture.  In addition, customized stretch and recovery properties help create waistbands that will not be too tight or too loose to wear.   These mechanical advantages translate into an exceptional smooth feeling for users while wearing the product and fewer red marks due to inadequate fit.

Learn about our success stories, markets, capabilities and core products and be introduced to our manufacturing processes in our Plastic Netting 101 section.

If you have a product development challenge and wonder how Conwed netting can help you solve it, please contact our team.

Success Stories

Plastic Netting 101


We don't assume you know it all. Learn our netting lingo and how netting is manufactured.

Our innovation events help professionals from diverse industries discover the value our netting components bring to hundreds of products.  We can help you create truly unique products.