made with Conwed Netting

Lightweight reinforcement for enhanced safety and comfort


A top car seat manufacturer was developing new seats for a leading automotive customer.  The request for proposal specified lightweight car seats with seamless effect in comfort and safety.  Our customer had tried to reduce other seat components such as foam with mild success.  By decreasing foam density, overall car seat weight was decreased, but the problem remained because tensile strength and recovery properties were below desired targets.


Our European team was called into action. Through ongoing research and testing, we recommended a specialty netting configuration that delivered superior tensile strength and recovery properties, yet kept overall weight within target.  How?  Our lightweight reinforcement and adhesive features helped form a composite with lower density car seat foam without significantly affecting target weight, strength, recovery or performance.

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Flexible molded polyurethane foams were introduced to the market place more than 40 years ago. Initially, foams were just required to provide load bearing capabilities.

Currently, not only load bearing is important but also longer service life, better vibration damping and low weight versions. These characteristics are the result of the automobile industry pushing to create lightweight, comfortable and more efficient cars.  

Our R&D team is used to solving product development challenges for our customers. When the project of helping a car seat manufacturer design a product with such lightweight targets appeared, our team saw it as an opportunity to push the limits of what we have done in the past.  

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Foam reinforced with plastic netting