made with Conwed Netting

Exceptional laminated reinforcement for improved product performance and longer lifespan  


A leading manufacturer of home and building products challenged Conwed with a reinforcement opportunity for one of their carpet cushion product lines. Our customer needed to make this product durable and strong, yet flexible enough to be rolled, packed, stored, shipped and installed. Conwed provided a solution that eventually became an industry standard.  


We created a customized lightweight netting configuration with adhesive features that functioned as the bonding agent to form a flexible and strong composite. Conwed netting helped maintain the overall structure of the pad, distribute loads evenly across the surface and extend the lifecycle of the carpet. Furthermore, incorporating Conwed netting into their carpet pad products helped our customer accelerate their production processes because the foam was able to be handled faster through their equipment.  

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Carpet cushion or pad is a material widely used in the carpet industry. It is generally a composite of recycled urethane foam processed to provide additional cushion to the carpet. It is installed underneath the carpet to increase its lifespan by helping distribute weight when walked on.  

After the first generation reinforcement netting we developed for this customer, our team has made significant improvements to deliver lighter weight versions with minimal effect on tensile strength to satisfy the changing demands our customer experiences in the market place. We strive to become the long-term partners of choice for our customers and maintain ongoing communication to tailor our products as their business evolves.  

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