made with Conwed Netting

Strong and lightweight solution for the building industry

An international manufacturer of cement bags was looking for an alternative material to make its packaging lighter without sacrificing performance.  Their current bag material was supplied by one of their preferred converters.  Conwed not only had to provide an effective solution for the bag manufacturer, we also had to understand their converter’s capabilities when designing a netting alternative. 

Through ongoing collaboration, Conwed developed a lightweight netting configuration with superior strength that provided reliable reinforcement to the customer’s  Kraft-paper bags.  A four layer Kraft-paper construction was replaced by a paper-netting-paper product configuration.  The converter smoothly incorporated our netting through an extrusion coating process using a polyethylene layer that bonded the substrates and acted as an efficient bag barrier. The cement bag  weight was 40% lighter and helped our customer reduce 15% of the cost.

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Conwed is the leading manufacturer of lightweight netting with superior strength.  Manufacturers of hundreds of industrial and consumer products use our netting to reinforce other substrates and reduce overall weight of those composites.  From film, foil and paper to foam, nonwoven and other fabrics, plastic netting can be incorporated using different bonding processes.

When our customer challenged us to help reduce the number of Kraft paper layers in their bag configuration, our team was faced with the task of designing a netting configuration that would have equal or better tensile strength to the current solution without increasing the overall weight of the bag.

After several trials and fine-tuning sessions, Conwed recommended a netting configuration with equal tensile strength to that of a 4 layer bag but 40% lighter in weight. By eliminating 2 layers of paper, our customer was able to reduce cost but also simplified the converter’s production process.

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