made with Conwed Netting

Lightweight reinforcement with superior moisture management features  


A Fortune 500 company approached Conwed to find an effective alternative to control moisture in their house wrap product line. Through ongoing collaboration and testing, Conwed designed an exceptional netting configuration that provided lightweight reinforcement with superior water drainage capabilities.  


Conwed netting provided customized drain channels to guide water down, helping prevent moisture build-up and mold in walls. Not only did we manage the moisture levels in their house wrap products, we also designed features to facilitate lamination of our netting to the other substrates in the final composite. Our customer was able to market a lightweight, strong yet flexible house wrap material with enhanced moisture management features.

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In the building and construction industry, house wrap materials function as weather-resistant barriers, preventing rain or moisture from penetrating into the house walls while allowing water to drain and evaporate to the exterior. Their main goal is to prevent moisture from passing through the walls by improving breathability. House wrap materials are wrapped around the house and applied to the outer walls. They help provide enhanced thermal efficiency, air and water resistance, durability, and longer lifespan of house walls.  

Among the various types of house wrap materials found in the market place, the most common are: asphalt-impregnated paper or fiber-glass, micro-perforated and cross-lapped films, films laminated to spundbond nonwovens, films laminated or coated to polypropylene woven material and supercalendered, wetlaid polyethylene fibril nonwovens.  

When the project of developing reinforcement, separation, bonding and water control functionalities was presented to our team, we thrived on the challenge of pushing the limits of what we had done in the past. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers from concept to commercialization; we understand the benefits of tailoring our netting portfolio to every one of our customers' projects.  

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