made with Conwed Netting

Wet or dry, Conwed netting provides consistent lightweight strength.  


One of the leading manufacturers in the paper industry was looking for a material to provide strength to their new wipers product line. Despite attempts at trying other materials with mild success, the manufacturer could not develop an optimal solution. Conwed was brought into the project and our team delivered an exceptional netting solution.  


Our engineering team provided an extremely lightweight netting design with superior tensile strength and chemical properties. We kept weight and overall performance targets within desired range and facilitated lamination to other substrates by adding adhesive features to our netting configuration.

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Interchangeably known as industrial wipes or wipers, they are considered disposable composites made from different substrates. Nonwoven, paper, tissue, and other types of fabrics are often used in the manufacturing of wipers.

Recent industry trends call for lightweight disposable wipers with outstanding tensile strength. By incorporating Conwed netting into composites made with a variety of substrates, manufacturers can reach those strict strength requirements without sacrificing performance or weight targets.  

Manufacturers and converters of wipers realize that people use industrial wipes reinforced with Conwed netting for a variety of purposes. Glass, window, stainless steel, tool, grease, oil and general surface cleaning are some of the most common end applications needing superior strength for light, medium and heavy duty jobs.  

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