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Unique blend of flexibility and strength for precise reinforcement and lamination applications  


When a Fortune 100 company in the building materials industry contacted Conwed to develop a component that could reinforce insulation sheathing for exterior construction, our team explored diverse techniques to deliver a solution.  


Our extensive R&D experience in reinforcement and lamination applications was the key success factor to understand our customer's performance targets and how our netting components would interact with other substrates in the final composite. We designed a lightweight, flexible, and strong co-extruded netting configuration with a durable core and two exterior adhesive layers to facilitate thermal lamination of the entire building composite. Our solution helped our customer reinforce the insulation board to prevent tear and damage, yet provided enough flexibility during handling and installation.  

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In general, insulation sheathing boards function as protective coverings made of several layers, panels or sheets of diverse materials applied to the outer studs, joists and rafters of a building. They help strengthen the structure and serve as a base for exterior weatherproof cladding.

In cold climates, exterior rigid insulation sheathing boards are used to increase thermal performance of the enclosure and reduce the condensation potential within exterior wall assembles.  

Our customer needed a lightweight material that could reinforce their insulation board without being too rigid or stiff. Since the material would be handled and installed in different ways, it needed to have some flexibility but maintain superior tensile strength to prevent breakage during installation. Our team was able to produce a custom co-extruded netting design that combined different chemical properties to facilitate thermal lamination to film and other substrates.  

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