made with Conwed Netting

Strong yet lightweight knitted netting for reliable containment applications  


When the Gulf Coast oil spill occurred in 2010, Conwed supported the clean-up efforts. We were able to increase production in a very short period of time to supply oil boom manufacturers with the leading knitted netting used in their absorbent oil booms.  


With a crisis situation at hand, our team worked non-stop to supply manufacturers with lightweight knitted netting configurations that provide enhanced tensile strength during the retrieving and handling of soaked oil booms. Conwed netting is the key component used to encase and contain the filler that repels water but absorbs oil and hydrocarbons, so our rapid response to sudden demand helped our customers assist efficiently in the containment and cleaning efforts.

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Oil booms, commonly known as sock or net booms, are floating devices used to contain oil and hydrocarbons on a body of water.

Conwed Oil Boom knitted netting was specifically conceived to combine lightweight design and exceptional strength. It provides outstanding lightweight properties that allow oil booms to easily float on water and collect oil spills in ponds, rivers, water troughs, outfalls, lakes and oceans. Furthermore, it delivers the necessary strength and flexibility to facilitate retrieval of the soaked oil booms after their useful life.  

Oil booms manufactured with Conwed knitted netting are also used in diverse industrial applications, often placed around machinery and equipment to contain a potential oil spillage. Oil booms made with our knitted netting not only let contaminated water flow through and subsequently contain the oil inside but also have reduced netting weight and strong tear resistance.  

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