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Non-slip netting liner to keep rugs in place  


Rug liners are relatively standard products used to keep rugs in place; thus, when a worldwide leading retailer of home products challenged Conwed with a customized rug liner, we anticipated little innovation. Nevertheless, their performance targets were ambitious and pushed the limits of our own netting technology. In addition to superior grip and non-slip features, we needed to provide a lightweight, lightly sticky and PVC-free solution.  


Through ongoing collaboration, research and testing, our team tailored chemical formulations and netting configurations that resulted in a PVC-free rug liner with superior non-slip features for enhanced safety and convenience. Our customer was able to market a specialized rug liner with exceptional features for worldwide distribution.

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Rug liners are pads made of different materials placed underneath rugs and mats to prevent movement and improve safety. There are rug liners or pads made of jute, rubber, nylon, polyester, PVC and more. Their main goal is to avoid slipping by adding grip functionalities between the floor and the rug.  

When Conwed started working on this project, our initial focus was on developing a PVC-free formulation. As the project evolved, we tested different levels of non-slip features to evaluate the ideal level of grip our rug liner should have to improve safety without damaging floors or leaving residuals like other materials may do. By working closely with our customer throughout the testing and experimentation phase we guaranteed the success of the project in the market place.  

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