made with Conwed Netting

Exceptional stretch and recovery for superior comfort and fit  


A Fortune 100 consumer products manufacturer was looking for a stretch engine technology as an alternative to spandex, films and stretchable nonwovens. The solution needed to provide exceptional stretch, recovery and easy lamination to other substrates.  


Conwed utilized in-house netting technologies to enable stretchability in one direction of the web while providing adhesive features in the other. Through ongoing research and testing we were able to improve product elasticity, recovery, breathability and comfort. Our netting configuration helped our customer eliminate adhesive lamination steps and reduce overall cost of the production process.

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In the medical and healthcare industry, a wrap can be made of diverse substrates such as nonwoven, film, tissue, textile and other fabrics. Most of the wraps are applied to a part of the human body to exert pressure and, in some instances, add heat or cold for therapeutic purposes.  

In this particular project, Conwed netting was used as the bonding agent in a composite with other substrates. Our elastomeric netting became the essential stretchable material that allowed the wrap composite to expand and retract to fit the shape of the user. In addition to providing superior elasticity and recovery properties, our netting solution offered adhesive features in one direction. By doing this, the manufacturer did not need to apply adhesive on a secondary step.  

Conwed manufactures the leading elastomeric netting worldwide. Our Rebound® elastomeric netting has numerous potential applications in the hygiene, medical, apparel and automotive industries.  

For additional information about different techniques used to incorporate Conwed netting with other substrates, visit our Plastic Netting 101 section.  

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