made with Conwed Netting

Superior elasticity and breathability for enhanced comfort and dependable fit


One of the top diaper manufacturers in the world was in the hunt for a material that could be used as the stretch engine for a new line of training pants for babies. After evaluating other stretch materials such as spandex, films and stretchable nonwovens, Conwed was brought into the product development process.


Our team had done some research in elastomer technology and through ongoing collaboration and testing we delivered an elastomeric netting configuration with superior hysteresis and breathability. Our elastomeric netting solution provided bi-directional elasticity, enhanced stretch, recovery and lightweight features for smooth lamination with other substrates in the final side panel composite.

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Hygiene products are often classified in baby, adult and feminine care applications. Within the baby market of disposable products there are diapers and training pants. One of the main differences between standard baby diapers and baby training pants is that training pants attempt to replicate the look, feel and functionality of standard underwear. In the configuration of training pants, there are two side panels that provide certain stretch and recovery functionalities to facilitate a baby's motion without losing fit. These side panels are usually composites of diverse fabrics, although nonwovens dominate most of the training pants products seen in the market place.

Our elastomeric netting, commercialized under the brand Rebound®, is an ideal alternative to other stretch materials such as spandex, films and stretchable nonwovens. When we were faced with the challenge of developing a tailored elastomeric netting design to act as the stretch engine in the side panels of training pants, our team quickly understood the technical aspects of developing this technology and what these advantages would mean to the user.

Rebound® elastomeric netting can have bi-directional or uni-directional elasticity and its netting holes provide a perfect way to pass air and enhance breathability. Our netting solution proved to be the ideal alternative our customer was looking for to differentiate their hygiene products in the market place.

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