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with Conwed Netting

Exceptional flexibility and protection features for delicate harvests  


Our netting capabilities were tested when a renowned international company, a leader in the wine & spirits industry, requested a solution to protect their growers' vineyards from predators and other elements of nature.  


With previous experience developing shield netting for other applications such as aquaculture, poultry, dairy & livestock farming, Conwed had the expertise to customize vineyard protective netting. In addition to fine-tuning the appropriate mesh size, strength, width, height and configuration to guarantee superior protection, our team created a UV-resistant netting to withstand tough weather conditions. Our R&D team also made sure that our netting barrier was not compromising the optimal access of UV light, critical for optimal growth.

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When our team was faced with the challenge of designing a specialty netting configuration for vineyard protection, our main concern was not preventing predators from accessing the crops, but keeping the crops intact when using our materials. Conwed had experience creating netting components to contain and protect livestock, poultry, aquaculture and general farming; our portfolio had heavier weight designs for those applications.  

Since this predator barrier would likely be in direct contact with the crops in some circumstances, it added a level of difficulty because we needed to re-design our standard protective netting. We focused then on testing lightweight netting configurations that would have optimal tensile strength and modified the mesh size until we found the ideal combination of weight, strength and size that could become a strong barrier to predators while still being gentle to the crops in case they came into contact. Furthermore, our ability to tailor UV resistance was one of the key features that our customer appreciated in our plastic netting.  

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