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Farmers around the globe rely on Conwed netting to wrap and contain hay and forage.

Our hay bale netting is designed to quickly and tightly wrap hay and forage into a bale. Conwed netting wraps around the hay as it is being bundled, and cinches it, creating a secure, tight bale. Our netting grips the entire hay bale and helps eliminate product loss by containing and securing hay inside the roll.  The netting wrap creates a cover over the hay bale, like a thatched roof, that streams water off the bales, protecting crops from moisture and mold.  

Conwed netting is built with tear-resistant integral joints, ensuring hay bales will not pop or fall apart. Furthermore, our hay bale netting will not freeze to the ground like other knitted materials that tear when moved. 


  • Reduce Product Waste – Unlike other materials that often require 2+ wraps, our netting only requires 1 ½ wraps to cover the bales from edge to edge. 
  • Protection from Weather – Its strong plastic configuration stands up against the toughest conditions and the total bale coverage does not freeze to the ground in extremely cold environments. 
  • Easier Feeding Time – Conwed netting springs off the bale with one smooth cut across 
  • Uniformed Mesh – No more baler feeding problems and no more necking 
  • Reliable Product Performance – Easy transportation and stacking of bales

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