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Conwed helps manufacturers, OEMs and converters drive automotive innovation.

Conwed netting can provide superior functionalities such as reinforcement, separation, containment, stretch, lamination and bonding in different automotive applications. From industrial wipes and interior fabrics to headliners, floor mats, foam and nonwoven composites, Conwed netting is a unique component that can help manufacturers improve their products' performance.


Conwed netting can be incorporated with other substrates such as nonwoven, film, foam, and other types of fabrics as a reinforcement component for seat backs, seat bottoms, head rests, headliners, and door panels. Automotive component manufacturers rely on Conwed netting because it provides superior strength without drastically increasing the overall weight of their composites. In addition, using Conwed reinforcement netting for molded foam applications allows for easy removal of parts from the mold and increased structural integrity of the molded part. Our netting portfolio is versatile and customizable; therefore, it can be used to achieve different functionalities in a large range of composites.

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Conwed netting is also commonly used to wrap wires, cables, springs, and other automotive parts as a separation, containment and protection material. Manufacturers and distributors of automotive parts find advantages in using Conwed netting because it is non-corrosive, rust-proof, chemically inert, temperature resistant, flexible, yet strong and can be tailored to meet specific requirements.



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