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Neat solutions for strong, flexible and efficient cleaning and disposable products

From shower and tub scrubbing pads to sweeping, mopping and dust removal products, Conwed netting is an essential component in dry or wet cleaning products. In disposable dish pads, for example, our netting has been used in composite form with other fabrics to reinforce the product and allow containment of soap capsules within the pad.

Another case of how Conwed netting provides lightweight and superior tensile strength is that of vacuum dust bags. Without our netting components, the main vacuum dust bag material would not have enough strength to withstand tough air pressure conditions and contain dust residuals. The plastic netting and nonwoven composite allows the vacuum dust bag manufacturer to increase processing speed in their production process and provides a strong, yet flexible and smooth dust bag without increasing overall weight or cost of the product.

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  • Protect, reinforce, support, contain, separate, grip, laminate and bond different components and materials. 
  • Reduce cost, weight, height, thickness and overall size of products. 
  • Save energy, material, and production process time. 
  • Separate elements that need gaps to achieve superior performance. 
  • Provide composite capabilities with paper, film, foam, nonwoven and other fabrics.

Learn how our netting can be used in other production processes to create exceptional composites with other substrates in our Plastic Netting 101 section.