We offer netting solutions to achieve superior separation, channeling and flow control.

Most infusion applications include big composite components such as wind turbine blades, boats and other vehicles. Our netting components act as the mesh element in resin infusions requiring superior channeling and flow capabilities.

Manufacturers of these types of components use mesh elements as the medium to distribute the resin across and throughout the laminate. Conwed netting provides the flexible pattern made with crossing lines that facilitates resin-flow, ensuring uniform distribution in all parts of the mold.

Resin infusion is a fabrication technique used to create advanced composite parts with superior strength to weight ratios compared to those of traditional bulk materials. Also known as vacuum assisted resin infusion (VARI), this process includes several layers of dry materials placed into a mold.  Typical layer configurations may consist of fabric reinforcement material, peel ply, infusion flow media and bagging film. 

The infusion flow media, also known as netting or mesh, has the vital function of conforming smoothly on to the mold and facilitating the flow of resin throughout the entire part. “The tight, low profile crisscross pattern of our mesh provides the necessary separation and channeling required to distribute a controlled, predictable flow of resin across the laminate efficiently and with little waste. Our netting can also be used in multiple layers or in certain parts of the mold to increase resin flow and the speed at which the project infuses.

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