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Our plastic netting components help improve mattress performance and comfort.

From mattress insulators to inner panels, dust covers and quilt backers, Conwed netting delivers essential reinforcement, durability and stability features. When compared to other alternatives, our netting portfolio is lightweight, non-corrosive, rust-proof, stretch-resistant, chemically inert and compatible with other materials.

Some manufacturers bond or laminate our netting to diverse substrates such as nonwoven, film, foam, paper, tissue and other fabrics, creating lightweight composites with superior tensile strength. We have off-the-shelf netting configurations in our bedding portfolio available in all standard bedding sizes in pre-cut or in roll form. If you have specific product development projects, please contact our team.



A bedding insulator is a product situated on top of an innerspring to prevent fill layers (fiber pad, nonwovens, foam and shoddy pad) from pocketing or falling down into the coils. Conwed manufactures plastic netting that acts as the mesh insulating element in bedding products.

In our standard portfolio we commercialize Flexspan®, Type 300 and Type 150 netting insulators. All of our netting insulators provide superior strength, durability and superb pocketing protection. Mattress manufacturers use Conwed netting to replace rope, wire and other types of insulators.

For detailed product information and minimum order quantities, please contact our team.


Type 300

Type 150

 specialty products




Netting Reinforced Nonwoven

LAMINET® is a finished composite of a thermally activated adhesive net and a nonwoven. Our THERMANET® Heat-Activated Reinforcement Netting adds strength to the nonwoven material while minimizing stretch and instability. The resulting LAMINET® composite offers the performance of much heavier nonwovens and ensures consistency, appearance and strength to meet strict product requirements. Our LAMINET® product portfolio is available in various netting, adhesive and nonwoven configurations to provide a variety of specific performance capabilities.


LAMINET® Inner Panel and Dust Cover

LAMINET® Quilt Backer

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