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Conwed wraps up all of your packaging needs.

Conwed has one of the most extensive packaging portfolios in the world. We specialize in working closely with our customers to identify their specific needs and developing customized netting solutions for every project. From produce and meat packaging to pallet wrap and protective sleeves, our netting contains, safeguards and protects your valuable products.





Learn about our success storiesmarketscapabilities and core products and be introduced to our manufacturing processes in our Plastic Netting 101 section.  Visit our resins & additives page for a summary of the materials we can use to manufacture our netting portfolio.

If you have a product development challenge and wonder how Conwed netting can help you solve it, please contact our team.

About Conwed

We manufacture the leading plastic netting portfolio in the world and help customers solve product development challenges.


If we can't do it today, we'll engineer it for you tomorrow.

Success Stories

Be inspired by our track record of collaboration.