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Create exceptional packaging designs with MULTINET™, multilayer reinforcement netting.

Conwed manufactures a full line of netting configurations with multiple layers that help reinforce, support, bond and laminate diverse substrates used in packaging applications.

MULTINET™, multilayer reinforcement netting, is a netting configuration formed by multiple layers of oriented netting laying one on top of another creating a strong but lightweight mesh compatible with different substrates. It is an ideal alternative to other reinforcement materials such as cross laminated fabrics, cross laid scrims, knitted scrims, etc. Click here to download MULTINET literature.

The difference between our multilayer reinforcement netting and other standard extruded or oriented designs is that MULTINET overlaps two or more oriented netting layers that can be designed differently to provide the desired strength, coverage area and secure optimal bonding with other substrates. It offers countless design combinations, superior breathability performance and can be bonded and laminated through different production processes.

Packaging designs using MULTINET gain cross directional stability for high-speed processing and maximum coverage for produce. It also guarantees optimal containment and exceptional visual appeal for retail display. Our engineering team can customize color, width, weight, length, thickness, tensile strength and adhesive features to achieve the required performance in the final packaging design. Contact our team for detailed product information.


Our multilayer netting capabilities allow us to customize each netting layer of the final MULTINET configuration. Whether the layers use the same netting mesh size, weight, chemical composition and design or each individual layer is made differently, our engineering team will create the precise multilayer version to meet your specific product requirements and performance. We can include adhesive features to facilitate lamination to film and other substrates facilitating in-line thermal lamination.


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