From air and liquid filtration to rain screens and house wrap, Conwed has extensive experience in solving product design requirements that need separation and division functionalities. 

Conwed has extensive experience in industries that require separation of physical elements and materials.  Our customers are manufacturers of final products that use our netting components to help them create necessary gaps and channels to achieve optimal performance.

In filtration, our extruded square and diamond netting components help separate layers of different materials providing essential channeling and separation functionalities.  Our netting is used to reduce pressure with proper permeate flow and turbidity for specific applications; furthermore, our complete line of extruded cylinder tubes are an integral piece in liquid and air filtration.   Visit our filtration section for further information.


  • Gas turbines
  • Engines and vehicles
  • Beverages
  • HVAC
  • Medical equipment
  • Water and liquid purification 
  • Food processing
  • Compressed air and gas 
  • Clean room or micro-electronics



Conwed netting also provides separation capabilities in other industries.  Whether it is bird and predator netting to protect crops, or safety fence and utility barriers, our netting components can be used as the dividing or gapping material.  For example, manufacturers of house wraps and rain  screens utilize our netting as part of a composite that provides the necessary channeling system to dispose of moisture.  This channeling feature prevents mold and other residuals from accumulating and causing damage to their products.

We’d like to trigger potential ideas in your particular application by providing some examples that illustrate our separation concept:





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